VOLVO cars travel better with SWARCO TLA


SWARCO’s Traffic Light Assistance (TLA) is a cooperative ITS devel­opment aiming at improving traffic flow in cities. The Norwegian city of Trondheim was one of the first Nordic cities to test the new TLA function deployed at 48 intersections. Thanks to a joint effort involving the Norwegian Road Authority, Volvo Cars and SWARCO, drivers receive an app-based service providing them with information when the traffic lights at an intersection turn to green or red. This technological approach helps optimize the traffic flow in urban areas.

The TLA system provides the motorist with a speed recommendation to experience smooth traffic flow at the next intersection. When the vehicle approaches the intersec­tion, the TLA obtains the status information of the traffic lights, whether they show red, amber or green, and the time left to the next phase change. This is visualized on the dash­board of the vehicle or in the app. Of course, the TLA will never recommend exceeding the speed limit.

During 2017, SWARCO tested the TLA sys­tem with the use of a specially developed app placed on board a selection of Volvo cars, provided by Volvo Nordic. This was all made possible with great support from Ørjan Tveit from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Soon, we will see Volvo cars equipped with the TLA service now ready to be launched. Thomas Rønslund, Sales Manager at SWARCO knows that Volvo and SWARCO are ideal partners in the driver’s seat to push the TLA topic further. “SWAR­CO’s mission is to improve quality of life by making the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient, and environmentally sound. The development of new solutions like the TLA underpins this commitment and our lead­ing position in ITS solutions”, says Rønslund with conviction. The purpose of the success­ful tests was to find out if the system positively influences the car’s emissions by avoiding unnecessary stops. In addition, the driving experience also becomes more convenient and less stressful.

The adaptive traffic engine behind the traffic calculations is SWARCO’s predictive algo­rithm, showing high performance in accuracy and traffic management. This prediction ser­vice developed by SWARCO is enabled by the OMNIA system. It is a great step forward for the use of driverless cars and towards in­creased safety and better service to drivers. To guarantee full coverage of the TLA service, it is necessary to combine the features of the local (and proprietary) systems with the open and centralized approach provided by SWARCO.

The TLA system is already installed and be­ing tested in other European cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Verona where SWARCO and Audi are testing a similar solution – Audi Connect. The unique thing about the proj­ect in Trondheim is the desire to make traffic signal data accessible via open source. In the light of successful tests, it will be much easier for developers to come up with new and innovative solutions for better traffic flow and environmentally friendly mobility.