Stockholms Hamnar gets more efficient with new ITS solution from SWARCO


Stockholms Hamnar (Ports of Stockholm) is rebuilding and modernizing Värtahamnen and Port of Kapellskär to prepare for more traffic and larger vehicles in the future. And SWARCO will deliver the system for traffic control and traffic guidance.

The system will be installed to handle all arriving and departing vehicles on the port. It will contribute to a smooth traffic flow and easy handling of vehicles in the ports. The system will also handle uncompanioned trailers.

What will be the biggest change in Värtahamnen?
“There will be completely new logistics at the harbor area. A brand new passenger terminal and five full-sized quays. All in a modern and environmentally efficient port”, says Jan Antonsson, the project manager from Stockholms Hamnar.

What impression of the harbor would you like people to have, when it is finished?
“We want the new harbor to be effective, modern and easy to navigate. Arriving and check in should also be as simple as possible”, says Jan Antonsson.

Two large projects that include installation of Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS) are now being rebuilt:
Värtahamnen is being rebuilt during 2013-2016. The aim is to modernize the port operations by, among other things, create more berths and a new passenger terminal. The expansion in Värtahamnen includes five new modern quay-berths modes intended for current and future ferry service. As part of this development of Värtahamnen ITS areused for improving traffic management and logistics management of land transport to and from the ferries and the port.

Port of Kapellskär is being rebuilt in the same period. The port has got a new pier and enlarged “hamnplan” to meet current and future demands for increased volumes and vessel sizes. ITS will also be inluded here also to improve traffic management and logistics management of land transport to and from the ferries and the harbor.

SWARCO is the main contractor
SWARCO has offered a highly efficient solution to Ports of Stockholm. Some will also be done in collaboration with specialized subcontractors in ports.

“SWARCO deliver the equipment needed, to handle the tough environment on seaside ports, providing quality products. Our long life expertise in traffic management are also an important part of our delivery”,
says Anders Jonsson from SWARCO Sverige AB.