Quality & Environment

For the past decade SWARCO has provided solutions that help traffic flow, traffic safety and the environment. We help our customers and partners to design, assemble solutions and operate and maintain the equipment.

Quality and environmental focus has always been emphasized both internally and in the solutions provided by SWARCO. The company was one of the pioneers in advanced traffic control systems and in the use of LED technology. At present all traffic signal is based on this energy-saving technology. SWARCO is also now introducing the technology of LED street lighting, which will save large amounts of energy.

For an external verification of the quality and environmental focus, the company signed a while ago an agreement with the Norwegian Veritas certification. SWARCO Nordic companies are now certified in both quality (ISO9001 : 2008) and the environment (ISO14001 : 2004).

The certification is a confirmation that our customers can be confident that SWARCO will continue to provide leading and pro-environmental solutions.

SWARCO Nordic has 200 highly qualified employers that operate from offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Copenhagen and Helsinki.


  • To ensure that our customers reach their goals
  • To provide products and services with high quality
  • To continuously improve how we meet the expectations of customers, shareholders and employees.



  • To contribute to the continuous improvement of the environment
  • To comply with all laws and regulations relating to the environment, and to reduce the environmental impact
  • To give priority to materials and products that are environmentally friendly
  • To prevent pollution
  • To contribute actively to recycling




  • An important part of SWARCO's mission is to improve road safety and traffic flow by offering environmentally friendly traffic solutions of high quality.